Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hand Embroidered Flowers

Another lovely set of handkerchiefs for a bride, finished and shipped!

For these hankies, I took vintage floral patterns from a collection of English women's magazines and modified them to fit the size and style I needed. For example, the calla lilies are part of a huge calla lily pattern, so I used one of the flowers and one leaf as a basis for the two-flower pattern you see here. The tiger lily was actually an Easter lily, so I made the ends a little more pointy and added the dots on the inside to mimic the real flower.

I'd love to use your wedding flowers or your favorite flower to create a beautiful keepsake for you!

Check out Fat Sally!

My sister Emma recently entered a contest at My Friend Teresa Photography -- Teresa is hosting a "Makes Me Laugh" contest, and Emma entered a photo of one of her cats, Sally.

We call her Fat Sally because she is so round!

Like Teresa's Facebook page and Emma's photo and help her win the contest!