Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stitching on an airplane...

I am traveling to Houston tomorrow for a wedding, and I am very excited! However, because of the necessity of changing flights and dealing with layovers, the trip will take almost five hours (on the way there and back). I hate flying (who doesn't?). Actually, I kinda hate traveling in general. I like BEING in a different place and SEEING the place but not GETTING to the place. I'm actually not scared of an airplane crash, but I just hate being uncomfortable and breathing all that dry, stuffy air. On top of all that, I was sure that I wouldn't be allowed to bring my embroidery supplies because they include scissors and needles.

I was wrong!

Check out the list of "prohibited items" from the TSA-- metal scissors with smaller than a 4" blade are permitted in my carry on! It doesn't say anything about needles.



  1. Oh, that's good! I'd read a while ago that even the little scissors were being confiscated and people were using nail clippers instead. Hope the flight is productive!

  2. I heard that too, especially immediately after 9/11. I think people were even using the cutters on containers of dental floss. I'm not taking my "special" scissors just in case I get a very strict TSA agent, but there's even a "FAQ" about needlepoint on the TSA website...

    I'm so excited that I'm going to take pictures, haha!

  3. Hope you had a great trip to Houston!

    When I went to Las Vegas in February 2010 I took my x-stitch on the plane. I too was afraid they would confiscate my needles & scissors, so I packed a pair I wasn't worried about losing AND printed their own guidelines and had in my purse to show know, just in case I needed them. :)